Multimod Performer-composer Festival

Geneva, 1st November 2016. The MULTIMOD PERFORMER–COMPOSER FESTIVAL will be held from 3 to 6 November 2016 at Geneva’s Haute école de musique (HEM). Turning the spotlight on performer–composers from around the globe, the four-day festival will welcome a host of international composers and feature concerts, workshops and lectures under the overall theme of “Multiple Modernities”. This innovative and free festival is designed not only for students, artists and other music professionals, but also for the general public.

For the launch of this first-ever festival, HEM has joined forces with Aga Khan Music Initiative (AKMI) to present the opening concert featuring the Chinese pipa virtuoso, Wu Man, with an ensemble of musicians from East and West, led by the Syrian saxophonist and composer Basel Rajoub. Together, they will create an event that blends musical traditions, contemporary arrangements, improvisations, and new compositions.

Bruce Arnold, compositeur & guitariste, États-Unis | Ellen Dissanayake, anthropologue art & culture, États-Unis | David Rosenboom, compositeur & artiste interdisciplinaire, États-Unis | Michael Tenzer, compositeur & théoricien de la musique, Canada | Feliu Gasull, «dé-compositeur» & guitariste, Espagne

Wu Man, pipa, Chine/États-Unis | Basel Rajoub, saxophoniste & duclar, compositeur-artiste, Syrie/Suisse | Feras Charestan, qanûn, Syrie/Suède | Andrea Piccioni, percussion, Italie | Gilbert Biberian, guitariste & compositeur, Grande-Bretagne | Alberto Boccini, contrebassiste, Italie | Raphaël Gogniat, pianiste & compositeur, Suisse | Rafael de la Vega, guitariste & compositeur, Mexique | Mauro Basilio, violoncelliste & artiste multimedia, Italie | Mike Fletcher, saxophoniste & artiste, Grande-Bretagne | Massimo Finelli, acteur & directeur de théâtre, Italie | Duilio Meucci, guitariste, Italie | Boran Mert, baglama & compositeur, Turquie | Mirvahid Raadfar, tanbur, Iran | Miguel Angel Crozzoli, saxophoniste & artiste, Argentine | Alieksey Vianna, guitariste & artiste, Brésil | Golfam Khayam, guitariste & compositeur, Iran | Assumpta Mateu, chanteur, Espagne | Elena Schwarz, cheffe d’orchestre, Suisse | Ensemble de guitares de la HEM | Ensemble de musique de chambre de la HEM

Dusan Bogdanovic, Xavier Bouvier et Nicolas Bolens, Haute école de musique de Genève | David Rosenboom, California Institute of the Arts

Aga Khan Music Initiative, a program of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Swiss-Asia Music Studies Society (ASAEM)
Fondation pour le piano Raphaël Gogniat