Journey to Palestine

The collaboration between the Edward Said National Conservatory of Palestine and the Geneva University of Music has been rich in musical and cultural exchanges for several years. Our professors and students supervise and play with young Palestinian musicians during orchestral or pedagogical projects. Exchanges with musicians from the Edward Said National Conservatory are a source of enrichment for our students and our institution and an opportunity to discover Palestinian culture and music from the Arab world.

This film, Journey to Palestine, was made in February 2019 to illustrate this collaboration during the annual exchange between the two institutions. This project offers the possibility for young Palestinians usually present in different locations to gather over two weekends to rehearse symphonic pieces and perform in concerts. It is also an opportunity for all musicians to share and exchange cultures with which they are not familiar and to broaden their horizons.


February 2019


Students of HEM - Haute école de musique de Genève

Lois Decloitre, Lucille Laguian, Victoria Merlo, Indira Quintero Fonseca et Hiba Tahhan

Geneva HEM - Haute école de musique

Philippe Dinkel, Director
Patrick Lehmann, Head of the orchestral instruments department
Francis Biggi, Head of the early music department and Musical director of the DIWAN project
Pierre-Antoine Marçais, Assistant of the orchestral instruments department and conductor

Edward Said National Conservatory of Music - Palestine

Suhail Khoury, General Director
Jay Crossland, Academic director in charge of the academic board
Mohammed Fadel, Violin teacher in charge of the outreach program