The Ganassi riddle

A film by Aurélien Poidevin about William Dongois' research project: “The Ganassi Riddle. Diminutions and proportions in Silvestro Ganassi's "La Fontegara": practice or speculation?"

Written by Silvestro Ganassi and published in Venice in 1535, "Fontegara" is the first work purely dedicated to the art of the diminution. The very complex system of ornamentation that the musician of the Doge develops is still used nowadays. The Ganassi project enabled to solve the riddles contained in the threaty by systematically submitting a new musical experimentation and interpretation for each of the author's propositions.

Many thanks to Giuseppe Dei Rossi, Antonio Tozzi, Claudio Cornelio, Riccardo Magi.
L'intera équipe della HEM di Ginevra intende presentare i suoi più sinceri ringraziamenti per la collaborazione fornita da Giuseppe Dei Rossi, Antonio Tozzi, Claudio Cornelio e Riccardo Magi.