Student mobility

Our aim is to offer all our students the chance to enjoy an international experience in either a professional environment (for practical training) or an academic setting (for a semester or year).

As part of our exchange programme, we develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships so that students from the School of Health Sciences Geneva and those who come here will enjoy a high-quality experience with individual supervision.

We offer two mobility options: study programmes (6 to 12 months) and traineeships (2 to 12 months).

Our mobility programmes are governed by different types of agreements, depending on the regions concerned:

In Europe

Switzerland has been part of the Erasmus+ exchange programme as a third country since February 2014. The Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP) was created in order to allow both incoming and outgoing students to take part of exchanges. A system of grants has also been established.

Outside Europe

Mobility programmes operate on the basis of bilateral agreements. Each institution selects candidates and provides local mobility grants.

These various options offer an ideal framework and diverse opportunities for experiencing a linguistic and intercultural immersion, discovering new approaches to education or practice, and improving skills and future personal and professional prospects.

At the HEdS, we will look carefully at your mobility projects to ensure they are a success.