Research Institute (IR-HEdS)

Applied research and development (AR&D) of the Haute école de santé de Genève (HEdS) is coordinated within the Research Institute of the HEdS (IR-HEdS).

The principal mission of the IR-HEdS is to support high-quality AR&D, in the form of interdisciplinary collaborations – regional, national and international – as well as intra-department poles of expertise. The research results and new knowledge gained, feed both undergraduate and postgraduate training.

The IR-HEdS fulfils its mission by bringing both methodological and strategic support to HEdS researchers.

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Coordinator IR-HEdS

Prof. Clara James

The Board of Applied R&D at the HEdS

Le Conseil Ra&D est l'organe décisionnel de l'IR-HEdS.

Research College

The Research College consists of around 40 members of the teaching staff who are implicated in various Applied R&D projects.