Applied Research & Development

Applied R&D within the Geneva School of Health Sciences (HEdS) is carried out by its Research Institute: IR-HEdS.

Themes and Approaches

The applied R&D projects led by IR-HEdS researchers are part of a framework made up of five thematic axes and three methodological approaches.


The main mission of IR‐HEdS is to support high quality research in the form of interdisciplinary collaborations at regional, national and international levels. Another important mission is to promote centres of excellence within the professional degree programmes, which feed into basic training and further education.

Collaborations and Partnerships

The Geneva IR-HEdS works in collaboration with public and private healthcare institutions, as well as other Swiss or European Schools and Universities, and with the industry (see list).

More information

Clara James, PhD, Dean of the research institute (IR-HEdS)
Geneva School of Health Sciences
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Tel: +41 22 388 56 50
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