Anne-Laure Gestering


Département Design d'espace

Architecture d’intérieur

T +41 22 388 51 49

Anne-Laure Gestering is a French architect living in Geneva and Berlin. After studying architecture in Nantes -where she comes from-, Prag and Lille, Anne-Laure worked in a few traditional architecture offices, long enough to notice that it is “not really for her”. She is more interested in how people perceive and inhabit urban spaces, especially in process(es) of appropriation.
For that matter, she founded the project Archikid in Berlin in 2009, organizing workshops for children around the city, to motivate them understand and interact with their environment.
In 2010, Anne-Laure joined the interdisciplinary collective Raumlabor with whom she collaborated on various projects, her favorite being the ones which imply a strong dialog with the inhabitants. In the past year, her main focus has been a project called Die Gärtnerei, a garden and workshop space which is being developed as a neighbourhood centre, for -and together with- some young refugees.
Anne-Laure also worked as assistant professor at the Architecture Faculty in Braunschweig between 2011 and 2015. Currently, beside her teaching at the HEAD Geneva, she collaborates on several projects, especially in the field mediation and sensitization to architecture.

Portrait de Anne-Laure Gestering