HES-SO Genève

Special needs

The HES-SO Genève makes the accessibility and integration of disabled students a priority.

If you have special needs (physical, auditory, visual, dyslexia, dysorthography, dyscalculia, etc.), you can benefit from the “The HES-SO Genève no obstacles” (in French) measures, which groups together measures that can be taken to adapt your course to your needs, so that you can carry out your training in the best possible conditions.

The measures in place aim to overcome functional limitations while avoiding discrimination or privilege, through interventions on several levels: buildings accessibility, human assistance, study programme organisation, examination conditions, etc.

The HES-SO Genève does not cover the costs of special needs accommodation, which is the responsibility of candidates and students. Financial support can be accessed through private organisations (such as Pro Infirmis and the brain foundation) or through disability insurance.

While the coordination of measures proposed by the HES-SO Genève schools is managed by Student Affairs, the assessment of requests and institutional recognition of special needs are ensured by an equality and diversity contact within each school.

To state your needs to your school, you can contact:

  • HEPIA: Anne-Catherine Rinckenberger, contact
  • HEG: Maurice Fratianni, contact
  • HEAD: Emilie Parendeau, contact
  • HEM: Christelle Enndevell, contact
  • HEdS: Marie-Hélène Guyon, contact
  • HETS: Marie Anderfuhren, contact